Linux Server Administrator Tools


These are some of my most used tools (commands). First there are several programs that I consider a must have.

  • ssh (Protected by a keyfile and fail2ban)
    • Reason being that it gives me remote access to the machine for all sorts of administrative duties.
  • fail2ban
    • Reason being that it protects your server against hacking attempts and helps to reduce the impacts of DOS attacks.
  • mc
    • Midnight Commander is a file browser that works in the terminal, it includes great features such as ssh integration, symlink creation, file viewing and editing, chmod, and chown all from an intuitive UI.
  • nano
    • Because I can never remember how to use Vim, Nano tells you it's commands at the bottom and is intuitive, even supports pasting.
  • echo "" > file.txt
    • My simple way of blanking, making the file empty, no contents. So I can open it with nano and paste in the changes.
  • htop
    • Because it is a great UI for a task manager complete with sorting, filtering, and the ability to send signals (SIGINT, SIGKILL, SIGQUIT).
  • screen
    • I have to include this one, because if you have a poor internet connection like my cell phone sometimes does, then you don't want to loose what you were doing. It allows you to pick up where you left off when you reconnect to ssh.
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