FeralBytes AKA Jordan Farrell

Welcome to my modest website. I am a web developer, Linux server administrator, desktop program front end (GUI) programmer, mobile apps developer, and game developer who specializes in Python and the Godot Engine (For Desktop and Mobile Programs). I also am a hobbyist programmer on embedded systems such as Raspberry PI and the Atmel AVR ATmega168.

I have programmed in many other languages:

Programming Languages:

  • Python (Threads, Multi-Processing, Networking, Firewalls, Pexpect, OS, GUIs, Websites, Server Administration Scripts)
  • GDScript (Godot Game Engine, GUIs, Games, 2d & 3D, Physics, extensive knowledge)
  • Kotlin (Bluetooth, Android)
  • Java (Bluetooth, Android)
  • JavaScript (Web Design, Node JS)
  • C (Embedded Systems, 1-Wire Protocol, motors, sensors)
  • C++ (Embedded Systems)
  • C# (Game Engine Use)
  • PHP (Web Design)
  • Perl (Server Administration Scripts)
  • Linux Shell (Server Administration)
  • VBA & VBS (For Microsoft Office: Access, Excel, Word & PowerPoint)
  • Static Languages (HTML (5) & XHTML, CSS, JSON, XML, YAML, Config & INI, Markdown, CSV)

All of these skills have been obtained over many years as I pursued my hobby and passion of programming. I have another job in the United States Military, which unfortunately has nothing to do with programming. I exclusively use Linux as an operating system at home and believe it gave me the tools and freedom to learn all that I have learned. I am also a strong supporter of open source software and have contributed code to many projects. I also use GitLab as my main online backup of software.

CompTIA Security+CompTIA Security+ Certified Seal