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Mar 05, 2024


We have been making software as a hobby for years, but it was always a side gig or just a hobby for fun. But now we are going to make software full time. With this change we needed to update the website to reflect our future plans.


We decided to change up the site. I ditched some previous technologies (Messanine & Django) that were employed.

NOTE: Both Messanine & Django are powerful technologies and great for dynamic websites. But I have rarely found the need for such power.

Now leaning towards more static generation technologies, for a faster, easier, and more secure site. This allows me to take some of the work load off the server and frees up more resources for other things. The site is now powered by Pelican. Later on some other tools may be added if they are needed, namely Quart for simple but powerful API development.

What Will Remain As It Was

I will be sticking with Linux as the core server using Ubuntu Debian, and I will also be keeping SSH, NGinX, Python3 and Let's Encrypt.

NOTE: Ubuntu was being a pain during my virtual box install and testing phase. So I went back to using Debain, and the install was smooth and easy.

Future Plans

I have been looking into creating Virtual Box Images so that I can build and deploy major upgrades to the server easier and also have a method of roll back. This will also enable me to test those upgrades in a non-live environment. I will update this article when and if a way forward has been found. I am also going to be working on a containerization solution for Godot server instances; and seeing how many could be run under various loads. Because I like to think that some day we may need to host some servers for our games, but only time will tell.

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